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The True + Real

We’re committed to helping people feel their most radiant selves by crafting products that really work. From hydrating thirsty hair, to cleansing acne-prone skin, pain relief and everything in between, we’re passionate about creating a space for self love and appreciation!

As a company that values quality, we’re dedicated to honoring the integrity of each ingredient and offering premium care in every jar and bottle.

What is Private Label?

Tired of having to buy expensive creams and high end scrubs just to feel a difference? So are we. We believe that self confidence should be accessible to everyone, and strive to give our customers the best value in every dollar. That’s why True + Real is a private label brand. We take popular products by all your trusted brands, and model our product formulations after them.

Ever wonder why our products look so much like other brands? True + Real delivers products that perform the same as your favorite national brands, no seriously– we provide the same top of the line ingredients at a much more affordable price. We strive to give you a positive experience with our products and can help you tackle anything from an itchy scalp, to dry skin, and everything in between. 


Your Rejuvenation

We want each and every person who uses our products to feel like we’re helping them along their journey of radiance and self-confidence.That’s why we source ingredients that are proven to work alongside each other to clear any impurities and having stressed-out skin or hair is as natural as the dew drops of morning rain, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.

Transform your True + Real routine into your sacred self care ritual and give way to the magnificent skin and hair you deserve.

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